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Dream Stalker / Death By Love (2017)

Intervision has built up a reputation for finding all manner of unique, trashy, and little seen genre cinema. From their gore-tastic release of The Burning Moon, to their low-fi WTF film Things, to their sexploitation flicks, they have unearthed some very interesting and entertaining films. They also gave a proper release to shot-on-video horror film […]

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America’s Deadliest Home Video (1993)

Before I begin this review I feel that I should disclose that I write for Lunchmeat magazine, whose head honcho Josh was largely responsible for this flick being released on dvd. In fact I first heard about this flick from Josh’s glowing review in an old issue of Lunchmeat. He discovered the film and loved […]

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Back in the 80’s and early 90’s there was a huge demand for new content that video stores could purchase and put on their shelves, filling their store with all sorts of wonderful films for customers to enjoy. The trouble was, tapes in those days were incredibly expensive. Little mom & pop shops didn’t have […]

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Hotel Inferno (2013)

The Italian gore masters behind Taeter City have done it again with their shocking new film, Hotel Inferno. Taeter City was quick, hyper gory, and with innovative special effects. Does Hotel Inferno stack up? Hotel Inferno is about a professional hit man hired by a mysterious company to kill two people. They are staying at […]

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Lost Faith (1992)

Growing up in the 90’s, I’ve seen my fair share of bad straight to video action films. More often then not they were the worst thing a film can be, boring. I was sorely disappointed many many times after watching my selections from the video store. At some point though, after watching hundreds of bad […]

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