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Grave Robbers (1990)/ Cemetery of Horror (1985)

Recently I’ve been digging deep for new horror treats. Listening to the Mill Creeps podcast, they recommended Mexican horror film Don’t Panic (1988). They said it was a gory fun supernatural slasher that was much better than their expectations. I checked it out and indeed it was a totally solid horror flick. That movie is […]

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Waxwork (1988)

As my favorite time of the year approached for this first time, I didn’t really feel like watching any horror. Lately I’ve just been burnt out and more interested in watching old action flicks. Blasphemy right? Well, yesterday was the first day in my favorite month and suddenly I got the itch to watch Waxwork. […]

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Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl (2010)

I love me some J-Gore. I’ve reviewed several films from the current wave and I’m always hungry for more. After the disappointing Samurai Princess and the laughable Sukebanboy, we finally get a film that can proudly stand next to Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl, and of course its from the same guys that […]