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Cinema Somnambulist (2016)

My appreciation for Richard Glenn Schmidt’s work has been clear on this site. I have reviewed his zine, Fang of Joy (and have appeared within it’s pages most recently), and his first book Giallo Meltdown. Cinema Somnambulist (a title I struggle to say) is his latest cinema related published work and of course I have […]

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Death By Umbrella (2016)

I love film. I love books. So I love film related books. Whether they are biographies, histories, or reference guides, I’ve got a stack of them and love learning about the broad and strange world of film from across the globe and across time. Rare is the book that crosses my path that doesn’t easily […]

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A Cat in the Brain (1990)

The first time I saw A Cat in the Brain was when Grindhouse originally released the movie on DVD. A friend of mine had it and despite having only seen one or two Fulci flicks I was eager to dive in. We both sat mouths agape at what we saw. Truly a spectacle to behold […]

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Skinless (2014)

A few years ago I was checking out the dvd section of an awesome record store when I stumbled up on the Puppet Monster Massacre. It was cheap and so am I, so I took it home and was very entertained. Sure, we’ve all see Meet the Feebles so the idea of a gory puppet […]

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Hotel Inferno (2013)

The Italian gore masters behind Taeter City have done it again with their shocking new film, Hotel Inferno. Taeter City was quick, hyper gory, and with innovative special effects. Does Hotel Inferno stack up? Hotel Inferno is about a professional hit man hired by a mysterious company to kill two people. They are staying at […]

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Nightmare City (1980)

Italian Splatter. We all love it and we all need more of it in our lives. Umberto Lenzi a director responsible for sleaze classics like Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive, and Seven Blood-Stained Orchids, helms this zombie-ish flick. Nightmare City is about a plane full of infected folks going on a rampage. If you’re bitten you […]

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Horror Stories (2012)

Asian Horror. Those two words are enough to keep many genre fans far far away from a film. After the huge breakout J-Horror hits of the early 00’s, there was an overabundance of little girls with black hair creeping around the corners of screens everywhere. The sub-genre burned out very quickly for most and for […]

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Damaged Souls (2013)

A while back I reviewed David Bernstein’s Amongst the Dead It was a solid debut, a zombie novel and well worth my time. That’s saying a lot because as any casual reader of this site knows I’m pretty spent on zombies in general. When I learned he had written another book I jumped at the […]

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Creeptales (1986?)

As my favorite time of year draws near I’ve started getting into the Halloween mood. I’ve been trying to watch more horror movies of late and recently I saw someone post on facebook about Creeptales, a long lost anthology from the 80’s. I LOVE to watch anthologies during this time of year, they really suit […]

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Taeter City (2012)

Growing up as a budding horror fiend I always wanted to see the goriest movie out there. Too bad I peaked at about 12 seeing Dead Alive uncut thanks to my local mom & pop video store. That didn’t deter me in the hunt though. I’ve seen my share of German gore flicks like The […]

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