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Cathy’s Curse (1976)

Severin Films is a distributor I always keep an eye on. They always do a fantastic job restoring the films they release and loading them up with special features. They dig deep to find funky flicks that more often than not have been forgotten by most. Canadian film Cathy’s Curse is one such film. Languishing […]

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The Devil Lives Here (2016)

Artsploitation Films have billed themselves as a company that releases films from new voices from around the world that play with genre conventions in unique ways. To me, they are a company worth watching because they dig deep to find unique genre films from places we might not expect. In this case, the film is […]

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Pumpkin Cinema: The Best Movies for Halloween (2014)

Yes I know it’s the middle of June and this is a book about Halloween movies but hey it’s never to early to start planning right? For many of us cinema hounds Halloween and the month of October is a favorite time of year. It’s the time of year when suddenly we crave horror movies […]

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Muirhouse (2013)

As with most horror fans, I’m pretty tired of found footage movies. I really enjoyed Paranormal Activity, and some of the films that were released around it like Grave Encounters and some of the possession films but at this point it’s kinda hard to be original. I don’t hate them like many reviewers do. I’m […]

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The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (2012)

I used to subscribe to Rue Morgue Magazine. I loved it. It was like getting a birthday present every month. I couldn’t wait to thumb through the pages and eventually sit down and read it cover to cover. It was a great magazine. Either my interests changed or the coverage changed but either way after […]

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Mr. Vampire (1985)

I love foreign horror films steeped in culture in which it was made. The best foreign horror flicks are those meant for the people of the country, not for the world at large. When this happens, we get to see directly into the culture’s values, superstitions, social issues, and possibly political issues as well. Although […]

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Hidden (2010)

Round 2 for this year’s After Dark Horrorfest 8 films to die for series is the Norwegian film, Hidden. Thankfully this round goes to horror fans everywhere with this creepy thriller. Hidden is about a man whose mother has died, leaving her home to him. Once back home, memories of his abusive past at the […]

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The Reeds (2010)

Ever since its inception, I’ve been a fan of the After Dark horror film fests with their 8 films to die for. Every year I get excited about the new crop, and every year I’m usually disappointed. So far, it looks like this year is no different. The Reeds is a British film ¬†about a […]

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Bone Sickness (2004)

I’m happy to announce that I can finally give a positive review! As you all know I love my gore flicks. There’s just something about seeing the special effect wizardry that goes into making a very gruesome end for a character in a film that I love. That and seeing new and unique ways to […]

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