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The Premonition (1976)

A while back I received the American Horror Project, released by Arrow Video. The set includes three American horror films from the 70’s that were largely ignored upon release or had suffered from poor distribution on home video. The idea was that these were unique horror films that didn’t play by the traditional horror rules. […]

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Phenomena (1985)

  About 15 years ago I discovered Dario Argento. I remember I was hanging out at my girlfriend’s house (she’s now my wife), and I was watching one of her cable channels I didn’t have. It was a horror marathon hosted by Tom Savini. He was showing Suspiria and had interviews with Argento and trivia […]

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Maya (1989)

As a fan of both Italian horror and 80’s movies, I was surprised that I’d never heard of this movie. I never saw this in video stores, and never saw it mentioned on any horror forums, despite spending more than a fair share of time browsing both. It’s a shame, too, because this movie was […]

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