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Phenomena (1985)

  About 15 years ago I discovered Dario Argento. I remember I was hanging out at my girlfriend’s house (she’s now my wife), and I was watching one of her cable channels I didn’t have. It was a horror marathon hosted by Tom Savini. He was showing Suspiria and had interviews with Argento and trivia […]

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Curtains (1983)

Curtains has been on many many wish lists over the last 15 years, since DVDs became widely available. Every year one horror magazine or another puts out a top 10 list of forgotten or lost films that have yet to make the jump to dvd. Curtains is almost always on those lists. Many people grew […]

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The Odd Angry Shot (1979)

I’ve had a special place in my cinematic heart for Australian films ever since I saw The Road Warrior as a wee lad. I always keep my ears and eyes open Ozploitation flicks. I knew I had to see The Odd Angry Shot, Australia’s Vietnam war film. Set during the Vietnam war, the film begins […]

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Hands of the Ripper (1971)

Hands of the Ripper, as with many Hammer films is set during the Victorian era. The daughter of Jack the Ripper witnesses the ripper attack and murder her mother which leaves her mentally scarred. She is then adopted by a charlatan posing as a medium and uses the girl to help her fake her seances. […]

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Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except (1985)

Like many horror fans, I cut my teeth on the Evil Dead Trilogy. I was obsessed with the films and showed them to anyone I could. ┬áThere’s something special about those flicks. Charismatic Bruce Campbell, the unique storyline, the mix of humor and gore, humor and horror. They’re just the perfect gateway into cult horror. […]

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Female Yakuza Tale (1973)

I love me some 70’s Japanese sword slashing action. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and catch some and I was way over due. A sequel of sorts to the more famous Sex & Fury, also released in ’73, Female Yakuza Tale finds our hero Ocho accused of being […]

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Long Weekend (1978)

Ever since seeing The Road Warrior as a wee child I’ve been fascinated by Australian cinema. The way they film action and especially car chases is awe inspiring. I’m always on the lookout for hidden gems from down under. Long Weekend is one of those gems. Written by the screenwriter of Patrick, Long Weekend is […]

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Street Trash (1987)

I had the rare opportunity to watch Street Trash about 15 years ago on vhs. I found it at a short lived video store and judging by the cover art, I was in for a treat. What I got was a poorly transferred copy that looked like someone had actually wiped their ass with the […]

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Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay (1991)

I love crazy Japanese gore flicks. From Stacy to Biozombie to The Machine Girl to Tokyo Gore Police. I dig over the top gore filled Japanese trash. Now, I read all the early reviews for Battle Girl and all of them were negative. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for Japanese cheese so I decided […]

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