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Effects (1980)

About five years ago I rented Effects on dvd, released by Synapse. I saw that it starred Joe Pilato (Day of the Dead), Tom Savini, and oddly John Harrison (score, Creepshow) and was filmed outside Pittsburgh. It’s a Romero film without Romero at the helm, made by alums of his films. I watched it and […]

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Red Scorpion

Full disclosure. As a kid I loved Dolph Lundgren. I rented every one of his films from my local Mom & Pop video store. All I really remember was that most of them left me wondering why I loved him in the first place. Red Scorpion wasn’t one of those films. I rented it and […]

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Horrorhound #22 (2010)

I’ve been following Horrorhound for over a year now, and I just subscribed because it’s so dang good. The magazine features alot of historical and in depth coverage and has a vibe of exuberance and love for the horror genre. No snarky comments are ever found in Horrorhound. The first issue I received is a […]

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