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VHS Massacre (2017)

I grew up in the glory days of small video stores with shelves stacked with wonderful (and terrible) films for me to salivate over. As a kid i spend my summers watching stacks of VHS tapes picked out from the local mom & pop video store so of course i’m a sucker for vhs era […]

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Bloody Knuckles (2015)

I didn’t get to cram in Bloody Knuckles during my annual horror-athon where I watch 100% horror for at least a month but I finally got around to it this week, knowing that artsploitation always delivers. Bloody Knuckles is a Canadian film about a guy who draws offensive underground comics with a cult following. He […]

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Redneck Zombies (1987)

As I’ve mentioned before I’m tired of zombies. Tired of new zombie flicks, tired of zombie novels, tired of zombies period. I LOVE zombies but right now there’s just too much out there to get me excited. Candy is great too until you’ve had too much. You still like candy though right? You just don’t […]

Tara Cardinal in Podcast Episode 6!

That’s right loyal readers we are proud to present the Toxic Graveyard podcast episode 6! In this installment we speak with actress Tara Cardinal! We talk about her upcoming appearance at the 3rd annual Sacramento Sci-Fi and Horror Convention September 25th-26th, her upcoming films, the trials and tribulations of indie filmmaking and why she loves […]