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Pray For Death (1985)

Sho Kosugi returns in Pray for Death after his breakout roles in the fantastically fun Revenge of the Ninja (1983) and Ninja III: The Domination (1984) . This time around the film was not produced by Canon films but by Trans World Entertainment whom were also purveyors of over the top action cheese. Unlike his […]

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The Mega Book of Revenge Films (2014)

When you’ve been wronged, it’s hard not to want to dish out some revenge. If someone insults you in front of your friends or wife, you want to get them back big time. We’re hard wired for revenge though in proper society we are rarely afforded the chance. Revenge is often illegal, at least the […]

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Defiance (1980)

John Flynn directed one of my favorite vigilante flicks. Rolling Thunder is a powerhouse of a film filled to the brim with great characters, dialogue, and violence. It’s a tough film that’s powerful and mean. When I found out that John Flynn had directed another vigilante flick I couldn’t wait to see it. I should […]

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