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Massacre Gun (1967)

U.K. cult film lovers have been enjoying the spoils of Arrow Video for many years now. Known for their killer artwork, beautiful remasters and numerous special features, they have fast become the cream of the crop. I’m so happy that they have decided to branch out and attack the U.S. market. It is Arrow that […]

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The Odd Angry Shot (1979)

I’ve had a special place in my cinematic heart for Australian films ever since I saw The Road Warrior as a wee lad. I always keep my ears and eyes open Ozploitation flicks. I knew I had to see The Odd Angry Shot, Australia’s Vietnam war film. Set during the Vietnam war, the film begins […]

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Wild Geese (1978)

There was a time in cinematic history when the only action heroes taken seriously were old crusty men who had legitimate world experience. A time when Charles Bronson a WWII Vet could kick ass even in his 60s, when Lee Marvin a sniper in WWII could lead a band of rag tag soldiers. Nowadays we […]

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Not to point out the obvious (but I will anyways) war is a kind of horror worthy of our nightmares. Sure, The Exorcist is scary, and people are afraid of ghosts, but I’ve yet to see any proof that either demons or ghosts actually exist, and therefore is not worthy of our fear as human […]

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