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Cinema Somnambulist (2016)

My appreciation for Richard Glenn Schmidt’s work has been clear on this site. I have reviewed his zine, Fang of Joy (and have appeared within it’s pages most recently), and his first book Giallo Meltdown. Cinema Somnambulist (a title I struggle to say) is his latest cinema related published work and of course I have […]

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America’s Deadliest Home Video (1993)

Before I begin this review I feel that I should disclose that I write for Lunchmeat magazine, whose head honcho Josh was largely responsible for this flick being released on dvd. In fact I first heard about this flick from Josh’s glowing review in an old issue of Lunchmeat. He discovered the film and loved […]

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Theme ’70 (2015)

The world of zines was one that passed me by I’m afraid. I grew up in a small town and I don’t remember ever seeing any funky cool zines at local shops. In fact, during the 90’s and 00’s there wasn’t the emphasis on local that there is now. It was all about big corporate […]

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Fang of Joy #2

About a year ago I snagged myself a copy of Fang of Joy #1, reviewed here, and really enjoyed it. An American zine that focuses exclusively on Eurohorror, it fills a great niche of interest and does so with humor and wit. I’ve been waiting patiently for number 2 to come out and was super […]

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Weng’s Chop #4 (2013)

A relative newcomer to the world of zines (though the creators are old hands at the zine world), Weng’s Chop has grown from a decent sized cult fanzine to a mammoth journal worthy of anyone’s collection. Issue #4 isn’t an issue. It’s a book. Really. At 215 pages of magazine sized stock this thing is […]

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Fang of Joy #1 (2013)

I’m a big fan of print zines. To be honest when I look around on the internet, I’m searching for raw data. Is the movie good or not? Then I move on. If a review is long, I skip most of it. With print however, I enjoy long reviews and articles. I like holding something […]

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Fatal Visions (2012)

I kinda missed the whole ‘zine thing. I was born too late and have always lived in small towns without access to great zines. Having discovered some great ones through the internet and also contributed to a few, I’m always on the lookout for more. Fatal Visions was a great zine out of the land […]

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