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Splintered Visions (2015)

In that annals of horror cinema Lucio Fulci is a giant name when it comes to sleaze and gore. For many of us he is the first touchstone into the wild word of Eurohorror, led there by promises of uncompromising vision and boat loads of red stuff. From there the world of Eurohorror and more […]

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Zombies: The Beginning (2007)

I have a policy around these parts. I don’t like writing negative reviews. I don’t really see the point. I’d rather be a beacon of light shining on worthy books and films. I don’t want to be a prick who gets off trashing said movies and books that I don’t like. I don’t need to […]

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Fang of Joy #2

About a year ago I snagged myself a copy of Fang of Joy #1, reviewed here, and really enjoyed it. An American zine that focuses exclusively on Eurohorror, it fills a great niche of interest and does so with humor and wit. I’ve been waiting patiently for number 2 to come out and was super […]

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Nightmare City (1980)

Italian Splatter. We all love it and we all need more of it in our lives. Umberto Lenzi a director responsible for sleaze classics like Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive, and Seven Blood-Stained Orchids, helms this zombie-ish flick. Nightmare City is about a plane full of infected folks going on a rampage. If you’re bitten you […]

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Horror Stories (2012)

Asian Horror. Those two words are enough to keep many genre fans far far away from a film. After the huge breakout J-Horror hits of the early 00’s, there was an overabundance of little girls with black hair creeping around the corners of screens everywhere. The sub-genre burned out very quickly for most and for […]

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The Battery (2013)

I have to admit that the in the last six months I haven’t watched much horror. Lately the genre hasn’t captured my attention. Has the genre hit a lull? Am I just uniformed? Or have I finally gotten old? In any case I haven’t been interested. There’s too many great flicks from other genres/countries that […]

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Amongst The Dead (2012)

Here at Toxic Graveyard I keep saying that I hate zombie films and fiction. That i’m over the undead and couldn’t stand another rotting moan or infected limb. And yet, I keep getting great zombie books and films and gush over them every time. I suppose I should say that I’m tired of cookie cutter […]

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Document of the Dead (2012)

Growing up as a young horror fan, I discovered Dawn of the Dead in those pre-internet days via a friend’s brother. I couldn’t believe what i was watching. It was gory, it was powerful, it was long and it had depth. It was a horror/political/epic/siege film. I loved it. About a decade later the super […]

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Day By Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile (2010)

As I have mentioned numerous times before, I’m really tired of the zombie genre. Be it movies, books, music or comic books, I’m burnt out on the genre. It’s been done far too much by far too many hacks. The sponge has just about been squeezed dry. There are a few drops left however, and […]

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The Dead (2011)

Devotees to Toxic Graveyard already know I’m sick of zombie flicks. Sick of em. I love the concept of zombies, I love zombie carnage and gore but no one is innovating anymore. Zombie film makers today are doing nothing more then shoveling the same pile of shit script into our mouths, expecting us to swallow […]