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Braineater Jones (2014)

Last weekend I took a long trip to visit a friend. On trips such as these it really helps to have something interesting to listen to when you have to drive alone. It just so happened that Stephen Kozeniewski emailed me about his new book Braineater Jones that was available from Perfect! Now I […]

Nightmare City (1980)

Italian Splatter. We all love it and we all need more of it in our lives. Umberto Lenzi a director responsible for sleaze classics like Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive, and Seven Blood-Stained Orchids, helms this zombie-ish flick. Nightmare City is about a plane full of infected folks going on a rampage. If you’re bitten you […]

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Dead Weight (2012)

Ok, let me start off by saying that yes this film is called Dead Weight. Yes it’s about zombies. Yes it’s about the apocalypse. Yes it’s been done so many times it makes me want to vomit. We really don’t need another one. I’m on the same page as you. But last year The Battery […]

The Battery (2013)

I have to admit that the in the last six months I haven’t watched much horror. Lately the genre hasn’t captured my attention. Has the genre hit a lull? Am I just uniformed? Or have I finally gotten old? In any case I haven’t been interested. There’s too many great flicks from other genres/countries that […]

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Document of the Dead (2012)

Growing up as a young horror fan, I discovered Dawn of the Dead in those pre-internet days via a friend’s brother. I couldn’t believe what i was watching. It was gory, it was powerful, it was long and it had depth. It was a horror/political/epic/siege film. I loved it. About a decade later the super […]

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The Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988)

I discovered The Return of the Living Dead via cable tv as kid if my memory serves me. I instantly loved it and still do to this day. It’s one of my favorite horror flicks and I watch it every year. I also distinctly remember renting Part II as a kid and being sorely dissappointed. […]

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The Horde (2009)

Before I begin this review let me state for the record that I’m very tired of zombies. Very. The zombie is the single most over used villain in horror films and literature.  I used to love them. Nothing like some classic gut munching zombie action right? Lately though there has been little innovation and too […]

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Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay (1991)

I love crazy Japanese gore flicks. From Stacy to Biozombie to The Machine Girl to Tokyo Gore Police. I dig over the top gore filled Japanese trash. Now, I read all the early reviews for Battle Girl and all of them were negative. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for Japanese cheese so I decided […]

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Dead Snow (2009)

The hype-machine was out in full force for Norwegian zombie flick Dead Snow. Personally, I’m tired of the zombie film genre. There’s been little innovation and way too much mediocrity. I loved [Rec] but other then that I’ve been left wanting something new. From all the hype around Dead Snow, you’d think we were getting […]

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