The Good, The Tough, The Deadly (2016)


Growing up in the video store era I spent a lot of time in the action section. At my local mom & pop it was the largest section they had and I loved grabbing arm loads of direct to video fun. I spent many summers grabbing everything that looked good. Fast forward to today and I’ve realized that there were so many great action flicks that I missed in my youth. There are actors, like Gary Daniels, that released lots of fun flicks that I simply didn’t have access to. American action films are an undocumented phenomenon in cinema and frankly its tough to know what to watch. Enter The Good, The Tough, The Deadly: Action Movies & Stars 1960’s – Present by David J. Moore. It’s my new favorite thing.

The Good, The Tough, The Deadly is an exceptional guide to action movies. It’s what guys like me have been waiting for their whole lives. The book is a massive 560 pages and the size of the book covers your whole lap. It’s a giant tome dedicated to action heroes. The book also features contributions from Zack Carlson, Vern, and Mike McBeardo McPadden. Main author Moore has assembled an A-Team of cult cinema writers to make this the definitive guide to action films. I have never seen a book so thorough and well layed out. Well except for Moore’s previous book World Gone Wild. This book is full color with poster art and rare stills, printed on nice glossy paper with a heavy hard back. It’s a high quality product that matches the content. The content of the book consists of several hundred reviews for every action flick I could possibly think of. The introduction claims that the book reviews over 1,500 in fact. I would believe it. This book is massive. Much like with World Gone Wild, the book is very comprehensive in that respect. The book also features in depth reviews with action stars, directors, and assorted crew. It was fun nerding out on interviews with actors that never get interviewed anywhere, the unsung heroes have finally been given the opportunity to speak. It’s amazing.

If you’re looking for a book about action films, you couldn’t possibly find a better book on the subject. In fact, this book is so good, so well written, so comprehensive, I doubt it will ever be topped. That’s not hyperbole, it’s just a fact. I 100% recommend that you buy this book with no reservations or caveats. It’s perfect.