Theme ’70 (2015)


The world of zines was one that passed me by I’m afraid. I grew up in a small town and I don’t remember ever seeing any funky cool zines at local shops. In fact, during the 90’s and 00’s there wasn’t the emphasis on local that there is now. It was all about big corporate stores and home grown zines had a hard time finding a place there. The closest thing i could find as a kid was Fangoria and that doesn’t count.

Theme ’70 was a British zine that appeared in the 90’s and focused on exploitation films of the 70’s. This was at a time when information on these films was scant and a person had to drive all over the place to get your hands on a vhs tape of the films, if you even knew they existed at all. Theme ’70 was a valuable resource for those who wanted to know about blaxsploitation, kung fu, and action films of the 70’s. The book reprints some of the pages from the original zine while also adding new ones to look at. The book isn’t really a reference guide though there is certainly some interesting information. It mostly serves as an art book with reprints of rare stills, posters, and lobby cards that the author has spent decades collecting. The book is printed in full color and it’s fantastic getting to see the posters reprinting in all their glory in full page lay outs. It’s the type of book that you can just sit and stare at cover to cover and soak in all the exploitation goodness (or badness depending on your viewpoint). The print quality is excellent and the layout is suitably funky and homegrown.

If you love exploitation and love the images from said flicks, you’re gonna dig Theme ’70. Headpress once again proves to be an excellent publisher of cult film books! The author Mark Banville, is working on another book right now, this time dedicated to the Giallo genre called Giallo ’70! I’ll be first in line for that bad boy.