Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl (2010)

I love me some J-Gore. I’ve reviewed several films from the current wave and I’m always hungry for more. After the disappointing Samurai Princess and the laughable Sukebanboy, we finally get a film that can proudly stand next to Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl, and of course its from the same guys that brought you both.

Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl is about a young beautiful girl whom moves to a new school and wants the cutest guy at the school. She tricks him into consuming some of her blood, hidden in a chocolate of course, which turns him into a vampire of sorts too. His girlfriend doesn’t like this and proceeds to attack our innocent vampire girl whereupon she’s thrown from the roof of the school, splattering on the ground. It’s ok though because her father is a kabuki scientist and puts her back together using some of the vampire girl’s blood. Now it’s an all out attack between a vampire and a monster assembled from bits of other human remains.

VG VS FG is a very silly movie. The plot throughout most of the film is so sickeningly sweet i’ve got an appointment to check for diabetes. Thankfully all the saccharine is matched by bouts of blood from our vampire girl. She prowls during the night selecting her victims and then dancing in their blood fountains. The ending fight scene is pretty ludicrous but that’s what i came for. Plenty of what the fuck!? moments can be found here though not on the same level found in The Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police. Although there are a group of girls who call themselves the Super Tan Club and they’re in black face with afros, big lips and wide noses, pretty damn wtf and offensive so it’s got that over any other j-gore flick. The gore quotient is huge for normal films and just about right for J-gore. If you’re not a fan of the flicks yet this is a pretty good place to start, but you could do better. In the pantheon of J-gore, or Jore films if you will, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl rests head and shoulders above the Samurai Princess, Sukebanboy and the Meatball Machine but is still stuck worshiping at the altar of Tokyo Gore Police, the king of J-gore films. I feel that this was released to merely whet my appetite for the forthcoming Robogeisha and the mind blowing Mutant Girl Squad, which I cannot wait for. Honestly there’s only one reason to watch any of these films, GORE and unbridled imagination. Which is perfect for me.

Gore: very high

Nudity: none

Overall: 7/10

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